Hey Mama! 


My name is Leah Ferguson and I am a mom of a beautiful baby girl named Freya. As I write this she is sleeping soundly next to me being all adorable and amazing.

Being a mom is a new journey for me and I have already learned so much along the way. I wanted to start this blog to share my experiences as I learn and grow as a mom and to provide support to other moms out there who may feel completely overwhelmed. We all have days where the pressure to be the perfect mom seems like too heavy of a weight to carry alone. Well, I want you to know that you're not alone! I want this blog to grow to be a community where the comment sections are filled with moms supporting each other and lifting each other up. 

There are a lot of negative and harsh voices out there that believe their parenting path is the only path. Who try to push their beliefs on others and it really can depress you. I heard this type of negativity even when I first started planning to have a child. I'm here to tell you not to listen to the haters! Be the strong wonderful mom that you are and shine on! 

I hope you enjoy all my articles on motherhood. I hope they make you smile, inspire you to create something new, do something healthy or find something that will make being a mom just a little bit easier. 

--Much Love --

-Leah Ferguson- 

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